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Our professional clients benefit from some of the most competitive spreads available in the Forex market. Leveraging on our relationships and market knowledge to the maximum has resulted in output of exceptional quality, consistency and profits to our clients.

Treasury Audit

Risk Management Policy

Forex Advisory

Technology Based Solutions:

Trade Finance

Treasury Cost

Transaction Cost Evaluation-

    Analyzing the various FX Cost Charged by the bank which includes the following :

  • Interest rate evaluation as per the Industry & Banking standards which includes, PCFC EPC, Bill discounting, Buyers Credit, Suppliers Credit.
  • Evaluation of associated banking charges w.r.t. to Evaluating the Exchange margins being charged on Spot / Forward transactions and recommending upon the same for optimum levels.

  • Evaluating other charges like Cancelation & Rebooking Charges, Penal Interest Charge, Courier Charge processing & disbursement charges.

Treasury Process

This involves understanding your existing company business banking, structuring and financing options.

  • Review of Current Business Cycle, Business Cycle.
  • Review of Various Risk – Forex Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk.
  • Review of Operation Risk – Internal Procedure & System related to Foreign Exchange Transaction.

Get a blue print of how to manage your currency risk

Drafting of Risk Management Policy Making includes four steps

  • Risk Identification
  • Benchmarking the Exposure
  • Developing Hedge Strategy
  • Risk Monitoring

Forex Modus Operandi

A dedicated dealer will be assigned to your account who will monitor your entire portfolio of FX exposures daily and assist in managing the risk.
  • Guidance on hedging your FX exposures on a continuous basis either using forwards, option or keeping position open.
  • A customised portfolio management sheet would be created wherein the entire exposure in all currencies would be maintained on a daily basis.
  • Advice on regulatory issues and clarifications as required.

Leverage on the cutting edge technological development

  • Our desktop and mobile ticker provides access to live FX rates which will help you negotiate with your bank while booking rates.
  • It also provides a broken date forward calculator for you as a handy tool to benchmark pricing.

Global trade financial services

how it works
  • Our Trade Finance department is part of a worldwide banking network ready to fulfill your business trade needs.
  • We help companies to arrange the following types of fund.
  • Pre Shipment and Post Shipment Finance.
    1. a.Buyers Credit.
      b.Supplier Credit.
      c.Stand By Letter of Credit.
  • External Commercial Borrowing.
  • We help companies in setting up subsidiary offices outside India.